No Age


Everything about L.A. twosome No Age screams community-mindedness and inclusiveness somehow: the noise-meets-hardcore-meets-shoegaze sound, the all-ages-venue they operate (the Smell), the nascent scene they're leading to national visibility, even the thick, D.I.Y./arty photo book that came packaged with Nouns, their new-ish Sub Pop debut. Once the initial shock wears off—that, you know, Dean Spunt and Randy Randall are bringing something somewhat mainstream-friendly to the table this time, as opposed to the entropic void that was 2007's Weirdo RippersNouns' catchy, clearer-eyed palatability becomes less sell-out move than full potential achieved. Soon thereafter, it becomes apparent that this pair aren't one-trick ponies, after all: "Things I Did When I Was Dead" being downright gorgeous, "Errand Boy" being downright Siltbreeze, the nonsensical nature of the lyrics being beside the larger, hopefully inspirational point. Which is—or seems to be—carpe diem, dude. Start a band or a movement, already, and prove to yourself—and the world—that you're alive. With Abe Vigoda. All Ages.
Mon., July 21, 5 p.m., 2008

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