Nitzer Ebb

If New Order are the lovelorn elders of the British synth-rock hierarchy and Depeche Mode are their politically inclined fraternal twins, then Nitzer Ebb is the angry younger sibling, the one with black combat boots and an inclination to set things on fire. A viciousness is built into the genetic code of their lockstep drum-machine workouts that has been passed down through generations; when Nine Inch Nails was born, it had Nitzer Ebb's nose (Pretty Hate Machine owes a debt to NE's Belief that it can't possibly repay). The band occupies a role as a venerable influence, but since their "hits" are shouty underground dance classics instead of popular fare for '80s compilations, this tour (hell, any tour) has an air of "for the fans" rather than "for the money." Yes, there is an abundance of reunion/comeback tours these days, but none of them come with both the pedigree and sheer attitude of Nitzer Ebb. Miss this at your own risk. With Dissociate and DJ TK1. 18+. (Photo by Emma Cohan)
Fri., Nov. 27, 8 p.m., 2009

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