Glitch art: kinda weird, kinda cool FB Promo


Nights of the Living Glitch Art

Daily from Aug. 24-25
7-10 p.m.
$10-$20 suggested donation
Art, Galleries

When a VHS tape gets stretched too far, a thumb drive gets corrupted, or a video game freezes, some artists see art, protest, and politics. Over the years, this reframing of technological failure has yielded its own creative movement, dubbed glitch art. This weekend, the gallery at Jackson Flats will be showcasing works from Glitch Artists Collective members and others experimenting in the form locally. Expect video installations, image stills, and perhaps even an interactive piece or two. The opening party will feature artists and will be emceed by Misha Estrin, whom many may know as the friendly “free hugs” guy.