'Night of the Living Dead! The Musical!' by MN Musical Theatre Kari Elizabeth Godfrey


Night of the Living Dead! The Musical!

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When the low-budget indie Night of the Living Dead lurched into movie theaters in 1968, few would have predicted its lasting influence. Yet 51 years later, the film has been canonized as the horror classic responsible for reinterpreting the zombie movie as a surprisingly malleable social metaphor. The durability of these flesh-eaters was demonstrated most recently by playwright/composer Jordan Wolfe in his off-Broadway creation Night of the Living Dead! The Musical!. Following the film’s basic structure, the story begins with siblings Barbara and Johnny dutifully visiting their father’s grave, only to encounter the undead. Things soon veer into camp with a musical number serenading Barbara as she seeks sanctuary in a farmhouse occupied by bickering survivors. As the zombie masses gather outside, the scenario grows increasingly surreal—even before the corpses break into choreographed dance. Directed by Ryan McGuire Grimes, this local premiere looks to kick off the Halloween season with some riffs on horror conventions and cultural dysfunctions embodied by both the living and the dead. Find tickets at