Dark & Stormy presents ''Night, Mother' Heidi Bohnenkamp


'Night, Mother

Every Thu., Fri., and Sat. from Aug. 16-Sept. 8
7:30 p.m.
Daily from Aug. 19-20
7:30 p.m.
Every Wed. from Aug. 29-Sept. 8
7:30 p.m.
$34-$39; $15 if under 30

In playwright Marsha Norman’s ’Night, Mother, suicidal Jessie is a divorced 30-something whose daily routine, though admittedly mundane, isn’t inordinately distressing. In fact, simple comforts govern the household in which Jessie lives with her mother, Thelma. Jessie’s matter-of-fact admission of her suicide plans shatters that facade of contentment, leaving Thelma to alternately cajole, bargain, and plead with her daughter to change her mind. As a dramatic work, ’Night, Mother is bracingly intimate, stripping away theatrics to confront the mortal struggle of two characters bound by love but lacking in understanding. In the hands of Dark & Stormy Productions, the play also promises an acting tour-de-force from two of the Twin Cities’ most mesmerizing talents, Sally Wingert and Sara Marsh. Directed by Hayley Finn, associate artistic director at the Playwrights’ Center, this bold staging exposes the loneliness that haunts far too many lives and seeks empathy in the catharsis of understanding.