Nicolas Jaar

July 14
8 p.m.
Electro Pop, Experimental, Indie Pop

Keeping up with Nicolas Jaar might not be an easy task, but it’s always worthwhile. The Chilean-born, New York-based electronic producer and occasional singer has been a creative machine since he was 21, breaking through with his debut (and still most accessible) album, 2011’s Space Is Only Noise. He’s worked in various formats since then: He’s recorded an album with his jammy Darkside project (a duo also featuring multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington), various EPs, remixes, film soundtracks, and more. Along the way, his music has taken in influences from hip-hop, prog-rock, even Ethiopian jazz, though it tends to be rooted in techno and inescapably atmospheric whatever the other ingredients are. Jaar’s journey has most recently culminated in his evocative second solo album, Sirens, inspired by the political history of his native Chile.