Nicolas Jaar

Nov. 7
7:30 p.m.
Electro Pop, Experimental, Indie Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Though his new LP, September’s Sirens, is often considered his second album, electronic producer Nicolas Jaar has been sneakily prolific. Following 2011’s Space Is Only Noise, a widely acclaimed debut that’s more accessible than most music with prominent downtempo and ambient elements, the 26-year-old Chilean-American’s recordings have varied in format: There’s the album he made alongside Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington (under the name Darkside) and his alternate soundtrack to the 1969 film The Color of Pomegranates. Plus, there are all of his EPs, his remixes, and his widely circulated Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 from 2012. Still, Sirens has drawn most eyes toward Jaar. Sonically varied and more political than it immediately lets on, the self-released LP is a clear display of its creator’s singular artistry. While it’s a grower of an album that rewards patient listening, it offers easy entry points with the Alan Vega-esque moments of “The Governor” and “Three Sides of Nazareth,” as well as the dusky doo-wop of closing song “History Lesson.”