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Nick Turner

Daily from July 5-7
7:30 p.m.
July 7
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Daily from July 8-9
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July 8
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“Even now, there’s no other reason for breathing,” says Nick Turner of his lifetime interest in comedy. “I only wanted to make people laugh. I didn’t want to do any school work; I really had no other trajectory. Jobs never really worked out for me.” He went to George Mason University, but quit after two years when he realized he didn’t need a college degree to hang out in the back of bars for the next 15 years of his life. From there, it was off to New York. His timing was off, however. “I moved right before 9/11,” he says. “That got in the way. Things weren’t funny for a while.” After a few years of taking sketch classes at Upright Citizens Brigade, he started doing standup in 2004. He was certain he made the right move, though. “I always knew I wanted to be a comedian. There wasn’t a moment or a decision I had to make.” Among his offstage projects is his just completed Comedy Central digital series, Ya Killin' Me! Each episode finds Turner waking from a coma and getting upset by what’s going on around him. “It’s all… me getting riled up,” he explains. 18+; 21+ later shows.