Nick Offerman: Full Bush

Dec. 7
8 p.m.
Comedy, Speakers

Much like Ron Swanson, the staunch libertarian he so memorably portrayed on Parks & Recreation, Nick Offerman is an unflagging proponent of personal integrity, dogged self-reliance, and painstaking craftsmanship (especially in the field of woodworking). Differing from his most renowned role, however, Offerman has demonstrated a penchant for expressing the kind of unabashedly positive sentiments that are more characteristic of motivational speakers than off-the-grid survivalists. Offerman doesn’t liken himself to a comedian; he’s more of a humorist with witty musings on the human condition and folksy anecdotes on the importance of having close connections to counter emotional detachment. Whether discussing the pursuit of hirsute perfection or delving into the dangers of technological dependence, Offerman eschews negative rants in favor of a faith that human nature will always revert to its better self. Offerman performances can be likened to an extended monologue from a rugged sage who may be on a personal journey, but clearly values the camaraderie created along the way.