Nick Lowe

Daily from Jan. 2-3
7 p.m.
Classic Rock, Indie Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Tongue was firmly in cheek when Nick Lowe irreverently assumed the guise Jesus of Cool. Forty years later, he’s entirely earned the tag for a sterling career as pub rocker, producer, punk instigator, ace songwriter, and wickedly clever lyricist. Nowadays he’s an avuncular pop crooner—except when he isn’t, and teams up with surf-rockers Los Straitjackets, famed for their blazing instrumentals and Mexican wrestling masks. After a couple of Christmas albums, Lowe and Los Straits issued a July EP with two originals, rockabilly romp “Tokyo Bay” and countrypolitan “Crying Inside,” plus covers of Dionne Warwick’s “Heartbreaker” and Cliff Richard’s “Travellin’ Light.”