Lizzo Jabari Jacobs


New Year's Eve Party Featuring Lizzo

Dec. 31
8 p.m.
Holiday, DJ, Hip-Hop

Lizzo is starting to blow up just like her Minnesota fans thought she might when the Houston-bred rapper and singer started making a buzz here in her adopted hometown half a decade ago. On her first two solo albums, 2013’s Lizzobangers and 2015’s Big Grrrl Small World, the rapper and singer established herself as a malleable post-Missy Elliott type, kinetically blending pop, rap, and electronic styles. That winning streak generated some nationwide recognition, and Lizzo eventually signed to Atlantic Records. The major-label leap is working out well for her: Her first Atlantic single, the poppy and empowering “Good as Hell,” was her biggest song to date, and the subsequent Coconut Oil EP was just as deliriously fun as her previous records. With two recently released singles, “Water Me” and “Truth Hurts,” Lizzo is presumably readying her first Atlantic full-length, though no official announcement has been made. For this NYE bash, she’ll be joined by Cali rapper/singer Brooke Candy and Chicago’s uber-raunchy Cupcakke.