New Year's Eve Party

So the promise of free food and one of the metro's less expensive New Year's parties ($10 for guys, half that if you're of the womanly persuasion) isn't enough to get you down to the Dinkytowner to ring in '08? Well, you're probably stubborn, but you're also in luck: This party's also got a doubleheader featuring one group of veterans and another group of relative newcomers fresh off their classic debut. The vets in question are Kanser, who recently saw their member New MC go through tribulations (his face was broken and needed surgery after some wanna-be good Samaritan mistook him for a mugger and clotheslined him off his bike) and triumph (White Jesus = hot fire); as a group they're set to release their seventh CD sometime next year, which should be rightfully anticipated. You've probably read plenty about Big Quarters in these pages over the past year, and I've come close to running out of ways to emphasize how great their first full-length Cost of Living is—so hopefully "best local rap debut since Shadows on the Sun" will work this time.
Mon., Dec. 31, 9 p.m., 2007

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