New World Dance: New York

For New World Dance, the Walker Art Center will bring in three choreographers from Zimbabwe, Uruguay, and Japan who are currently based in New York. Not just based, but chewing up the Big Apple with their fiercely unique takes on post-modern dance. Dubbed "downtown's wild child from Uruguay," luciana achugar may be lowercase in name, but her dances are decidedly high concept. In "A Super Natural Return to Love," a quintet of "uncivilized women" references assembly-line workers and showgirls to celebrate the erotic body and reclaim sensual pleasure. Nami Yamamoto animates a child-sized puppet named Tony who has a body made from odds and ends, including a porcelain face and a cute little potbelly. The work, titled "a howling flower," also features four dancers who delicately maneuver around him. In contrast, Nora Chipaumire's "Convoys, Curfews, and Roadblocks" conveys the horrors of war that she experienced in Zimbabwe. Critic Marcia B. Siegel says the work "boils with suppressed anger and eroticism... [Chipaumire's] dancing hits you with a vengeance."
April 30-May 2, 8 p.m., 2009

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