New Labor (7''-release)

In an age when many bands have their first demo recorded before they've even played a show, New Labor, formed in 2008, have taken nearly two years before creating a record. "Songwriting has been a main priority over the last couple years," vocalist Andy Bauer explains. "Also, we all have pretty busy lives outside of the world of rock." Their self-titled, self-released debut is a beautiful slab of clear vinyl with a run of 300, 100 of which have screen-printed covers. The band's short-attention-span punk is peppered with surf and jazz elements, and the short-play record covers a wealth of ground. Rarely does a single song hold just one tempo, as their spastic songs will jump from minimal, spoken-word bits into intense screaming and back to crooning with little warning. Joining them for the release are the Yoleus, the Undesirables, and Teddy & the Turks.
Sat., Sept. 4, 9 p.m., 2010

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