Nerds at Heart's First Annual Love Fest

While it can be much easier for shut-ins, geeks, and the socially awkward to meet people now that we have reached new heights in social media, nothing quite beats a connection made face to face. Sure, it can be scary when you have to be witty using your voice rather than the keyboard, but a laugh you can hear is so much sweeter than an LOL on the monitor. This Sunday, smart, geeky, and weird folks looking for love should be sure to hit up the Nerds at Heart's debut V-Day love fest. Here, you can roll the dice while playing board games and looking for love. Impress fellow nerds with your trivia knowledge, or lure in that special someone with a game of Trivial Pursuit (hopefully, not a literal quest). Even if you don't find a romantic possibility, you still may go home with prizes, which is almost as good as getting lucky in love.
Sun., Feb. 13, 4-7 p.m., 2011

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