Neil Hamburger

"Why does God give people AIDS?" a sweaty hunched man with a bad comb-over and worse suit asks his audience after clearing his throat for a solid minute. "So people have an airtight excuse to get out of seeing Robin Williams movies." The man telling the joke (and others equally awkward and offensive) is Gregg Turkington, nom de guerre Neil Hamburger. On tour, Hamburger is touted as "the world's worst comedian"; his painfully slow and clumsy delivery ranges from unfunny to highly uncomfortable. And yet, people laugh. Hamburger's show at the Triple Rock will meld his humor with music from his debut country music album, Neil Hamburger Sings Country Winners, which came out earlier this year. Hamburger lampoons weepy country songs with tracks titled "How Can I Still Be Patriotic (When They've Taken Away My Right to Cry?)" and "The Hula Maiden." One more joke to entice you to attend this quirky night of comedy and music: "What do you get when you cross Sir Elton John and a saber-toothed tiger? I don't know, but you better keep it away from your ass." With Pleaseeasaur. 21+.
Wed., Sept. 17, 8 p.m., 2008

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