L-R: Dyani White Hawk, Candice Hopkins, Ashley Holland, Nicholas Galanin


Native Arts Panel

March 29
7 p.m.
Art, Museums, Speakers

Is it possible that First Nations artists are, at long last, not only having their “moment,” but also experiencing recognition for their perspectives? Not to mention their aesthetic and critical practices? This panel is clearly a step toward that. Following in the wake of the Walker Art Center’s installation of Sam Durant’s Scaffold, and the significant protests that spurred dismantling both at the site and in online forums, a panel has been organized to further that discourse. They’ll delve deeper into issues of how critics and consumers view Native arts, the role of activism in the arts, and surviving in the 21st century amid continuing misappropriation and marginalization. Panelists include Dyani White Hawk, Nicholas Galanin, Candice Hopkins, Steven Loft, and Ashley Holland.