Jim Denomie Photo: Rik Sferra


Native Artist Talk Series: Jim Denomie

Feb. 15
6:30 p.m.
Art, Museums, Speakers

Minnesota is lucky to have an incredible wealth of contemporary Native American artists. With numerous galleries and institutions presenting revolutionary work by Native artists, and a strong community of Native artists living and making work here, we have a scene that is remarkable. The Native Artist Talk Series capitalizes on this distinguished community by featuring guest speakers talking about their work. This Thursday, Anishinaabe artist Jim Denomie will offer an inside look at his career and process. He’s primarily a painter, though he also has practiced drawing, printmaking, photography, and sculpture. Denomie’s work is radical and at times astonishing. His large-scale narrative paintings are both brutal and acerbically funny in the way they express historical atrocities and racism, and his abstract portraits showcase a spectacularly distinctive sensibility. He’s also a wonderful storyteller, and very insightful, so his talk will very much be worth your while.