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Nate Jackson

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Washington State is probably known more for music than comedy, yet it has given us the likes of Kermet Apio (via Hawaii), Gabriel Rutledge, and Adam Ray, to name just a few. Add Nate Jackson to that list. The native of Lacey, Washington (suburban Olympia) is quickly becoming a top headliner with dozens of TV appearances under his belt. “I need to find a new church,” he tells an audience. “I’m tired of going to black people churches. It’s too long. My church starts at 10 in the morning and we get out at night. Jesus is not coming back. We gotta leave if you want him to come back. No one saw him the first time, can we please go? It’s 2:30; I’m checking football scores on my phone.” Of course not everyone in the congregation feels the same. “There’s a lady that sings at my church every Sunday. She’s not in the choir, she’s just hopeful. She’s just one of those people that goes to church to out-church everybody else.” Comedy fans may also know Jackson from his work on MTV’s Wild ’N Out.