Nadine Gross, Sam Hoolihan: Instant Film Forever

The past couple of years have been rough on Polaroid. In 2008 the company declared bankruptcy, partly due to its failure to anticipate the impact that digital photography would have on sales. Its parent group, Petters Group Worldwide, faced great scandal after being busted for its part in an epic Ponzi scheme. However, the scrappy Polaroid seems to be carrying on. The company recently named pop tyrant Lady Gaga as creative director for a specialty line of products. The technology lives on as well at "Instant Film Forever" at Gallery 122. Nadine Gross focuses her camera on mundane and often overlooked items. The results feature details of places and things that are abstract, bold, modern, and even reminiscent of print art. Sam Hoolihan's work leans more toward portraiture, be it individuals in a natural or created environment. Both will display their unusual works created using a technology that could disappear at any moment, or endure for decades to come. The artists' reception will be held this Friday, January 29 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Jan. 29-March 12, 2010

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