Mystery Palace, Estate

If it's tough to think about a record producer (bedroom or otherwise) as a rock star, blame the machines. Until recently, it was difficult to bring a whole studio on the road, and besides, a guy hunkered over a mountain of electronics is miles away from the clichéd image of a guitar god. Now, unchained from the lab and packing some indie cred, more producers are forming groups, doing shows, and destroying dance floors—and it's happening right under your nose. The Twin Cities have a deceptively large pool of talent, including former 12 Rods frontman Ryan Olcott (who heads up gauzy, melancholy pop purveyors Mystery Palace, pictured) and Estate, a disco duo serving up a brand of smoothness that's forcing bloggers to rush to their keyboards in a race to pile on the praise. The machines got smaller; the bands that love them got bigger. Now it's time to hit the club and support your local rock stars, whether they're slinging a drum machine or a six-string. With These Modern Socks and Fake Places (CD-release).
Fri., May 28, 9 p.m., 2010

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