My Apocalypse Will Be Better Than Yours

This weekend marks the opening of Terrence Payne's latest show, "My Apocalypse Will Be Better than Yours," in which the artist explores archetypes centered on ideas of the end of the world. "The starting point was the title," Payne says. "This ridiculous idea seems to be happening every day and never actually happens." The artist has taken a step back in order to observe how apocalyptic notions relate in a larger time frame, and focuses particularly on the narrative quality that stems from the title. By using motifs such as knots and ribbons as a way of depicting an infinite loop, Payne employs patterns to show continuity. While there are a number of figurative works in the exhibition, which is typical of Payne's art, the artist will also be showing non-figurative pieces, including a big ball of flowers recalling a mushroom cloud with the word "boom" inscribed over them, or a piece that features skeletons. "I've been having a lot more fun," Payne says. This will be Payne's first solo show at Rosalux, though he was one of the artists in Rosalux's exhibit at the MIA last fall. The opening reception is from 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday, April 16.
April 7-30, 2011

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