Just because they rap like the Beastie Boys circa the 1980s doesn't mean MC/VL don't sound fresh now. Though MC/VL, a rap group composed of MCs Mighty Clyde and Vicious Lee and DJ Professor BX, sound retro, that hasn't stopped them from winning accolades. This year they ranked seventh on City Pages' Picked to Click, and released an album (Stance) as well as an EP (Jaws). They also made the grade on the Twin Town High Compilation Volume 9. Saturday, they continue to rap about the important things in life—G.I. Joe, Russell Simmons, and peas. Also shouting and raging at the Triple Rock, Fixed Gears Are for Jerks and Lesbians will scream radio-friendly songs such as "Kill the President" and "Fuck the Pope." The Fillmores round out the evening. 21+.
Sat., Dec. 29, 9 p.m., 2007

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