Murder on the Mississippi FB


Murder on the Mississippi

June 27
7 p.m.
$15-$18; tickets are currently SOLD OUT
Benefits,Parties,Receptions, Theater

Murder on the Mississippi is an interactive theatrical experience in which a river cruise becomes the setting of a cold-blooded killing. Co-sponsored by the Mississippi Park Connection and the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, the lighthearted event is presented by the morbid minds collectively known as Fearless Comedy Productions. Those booking passage are encouraged to dress in early-1940 style to match the transformative decor of the Jonathan Padelford Riverboat, all of which is meant to evoke the espionage-heavy atmosphere of World War II. Steeped in local lore and historical details, the show prompts passengers to embrace their inner spy in order to detect a murderous enemy agent within their midst. Participants will be drawn into the depths of the mystery as they’re tasked with identifying the guilty party and recovering a cache of stolen top-secret plans. One’s degree of commitment is discretionary, allowing all to enjoy the proceedings, whether engaged in criminal deduction or simply mingling over cocktails while savoring killer views of the Twin Cities.