Muja Messiah Mixtape Release Party

Has the era of no money and free music liberated something in local rap? Muja Messiah has never sounded funnier, looser, or more sandpapery-clear than on M-16's, a kitchen-sink mixtape that's all highlights, hosted by DJ Turtleneck and Peter Parker. True to his conflicted Minneapolis instincts, Mu can shake neither his irresponsible streak nor his motormouth social conscience—and loves rhyming too much either way to care. So we get the local-reference-clogged "Leech Lake," the X-rated LOL "Pussy Galore," a hustler's free association titled "Sara Jane Olson," the best Christmas rap since Snoop, a blazing hook sung by M.anifest ("Live 2 Die Another Day"), and memorable appearances by P.O.S., Real Spit Ric, Maria Isa, and others over beats ranging from MGMT to Nas. Live, his cross-section runs as deep: DJ Turtleneck, I Self Devine, Black Blondie, Dodi Phy, and DJ Benzilla will join his for his mixtape release show. 18+.
Thu., Sept. 9, 8 p.m., 2010

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