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Ms. Pat

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Ms. Pat tells it like it is. “I’m talking about getting older,” she says. “My middle-aged girlfriends love competing with these younger girls. I keep telling them, ‘You’re not going to win.’ Young girls do stuff we can’t do, like shave their vaginas all day long.” Her family—which includes a husband, children, and grandchildren—is still the focus of her set, though she’ll often throw in some social and political commentary. “Life is always writing material for me,” she notes. On her new podcast, The Patdown, she can do a deeper dive on a subject of her choosing. “We don’t even pick a topic, we just start talking,” she says. It’s recorded from her office in Indianapolis, where she’s based. “Unfortunately,” she says. She also just sold a show to Hulu. “It’s based on my life in my small, conservative neighborhood.” Hopefully it will help fund a move to one of the coasts. “That’s why I said, ‘Unfortunately,’” she reiterates.