Mr. Northeast Pageant

Oct. 1
4 p.m.
Barhopping, Fashion and Style

This Saturday, Grumpy’s is on a quest for Mr. Northeast. To find him, people will jump through a variety of hoops before the victor receives his sparkly crown. Contestants will be judged on their sartorial choices, asked to demonstrate a talent, and prove themselves to be congenial during a Q & A session. The stakes are high, as the winner won’t only score prestige, he’ll also get a case of Indeed beer per month (Mr. Northeast has a buzz to maintain, apparently). Feel like you have what it takes? Put on your best flannel, fancy up that beard with some oil, pop on your hipster glasses, and head over to the bar. Entrants need only be male-identified, 21 or older, and have $10 to sign up. Ian Rans will emcee. Proceeds benefit East Side Neighborhood Services.