MPR Family Movie Party

Buster Keaton is sometimes referred to as "The Great Stone Face." He could always hold a deadpan expression during his trademark (and probably painful) pratfalls. He is also generally considered one of the greatest comedians and innovative directors of all time. This Saturday families can enjoy a series of his shorts—"One Week," "Cops," "The Boat," "The Playhouse," and "The Scarecrow," the way that silent cinema was intended to be viewed: with a soundtrack on a Wurlitzer pipe organ and live sound effects. Tom Keith of A Prairie Home Companion will create audio marvels for the ear as Keaton pulls off stunts that boggle the mind. Rounding out the evening will be host Stephanie Curtis and a tap dance intermission by the Keane Sense of Rhythm troupe.
Sat., March 7, 7 p.m., 2009

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