Mouthful of Bees


Word from this past year's Picked to Click winners bodes well for debunking that contest's supposed curse. The group's inexorable leader, Chris Farstad, has returned from his trip to Russia and the entire Mouthful has begun writing songs for the follow-up to their deservedly ballyhooed debut, The End. Based on the strength of that record, an anthemic amalgam of indie-rock coy and lo-fi clatter, and the casual uncertainty in the way the group members talk about their future, a return to the stage has been eagerly awaited. With any luck, they'll be debuting a few freshly penned numbers at this, their first show in nearly six months. While the band has booked a handful of gigs in January, Farstad is still attending school in Iowa, so fans would be wise to catch 'em while ya can, lest you be left in the cold for another semester-long hiatus. With One for the Team, Ladyslipper, the P. Laquers, and Now, Now Every Children. All ages.
Sun., Jan. 6, 5 p.m., 2008

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