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Moses Storm

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Comedy fans may remember Moses Storm from season nine of Last Comic Standing, the one in which Minnesota’s own Andy Erikson competed. He can also be seen in the romantic comedy The Wedding Party and the thriller Unfriended, as well as the Hulu series 4 to 9ers. Traveling the country is nothing new to Storm. When he was four, his single mom sold their house and bought a converted Greyhound bus. Along with his mom and four siblings, he trekked across the U.S. doing missionary work. “We slept on homemade bunk beds,” he recalled on Last Comic Standing. “These were basically shelves that children slept on.” Onstage today, he still jokes about his family and friends. “I think you can tell how bad your friend’s alcohol problem has gotten by how much they rave about Uber. ‘Uber has revolutionized the way I travel,’” he says, imitating an inebriated friend. “No, your DUI revolutionized the way you travel.” 18+.