Will Leighton



Feb. 18
7 p.m.
Barhopping, Comedy, Speakers

Your favorite boy band broke up. Your unrequited crush started dating someone. Your parents wouldn’t let you drive to a party during an ice storm. At the time, these things seemed like the end of the world. Yet, somehow, you survived, probably by writing angry diary entries, creating creepy wall collages, or posting an embarrassing series of statements on Facebook. A decade later, you came across this evidence of your dire suffering and laughed your ass off. At Mortified Live, audiences are encouraged to laugh at their pain. For each installment, participants share the most awkward and angsty moments of their life. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll definitely cringe. Celebrate one year of appalling stories this Friday, as six folks will take the stage and tell their tales of woe with poetry, short stories, songs, and more.