Mena Burnette


Morgan Thorson: Still Life for the Cowles Center

Daily from March 17-18
7:30 p.m.
March 19
3 p.m.

In her first iteration of Still Life at the Weisman Museum, Morgan Thorson built suspense, wove calibrated dance with serious fun, and gave urgent animation to the stationary life of a museum. Now she’s taking the work to the Cowles Center as a site-specific ensemble performance designed for the Goodale Theater. She’s trimmed it down from five-hour marathons to a shorter excursion into the unknown, where dancers are invited, as Thorson puts it, to “kill the choreography.” Dancers as theatrical terrorists? Esthetic assassins? Thorson has given license to such fierce and unpredictable performers as Kristin Van Loon (of Hijack), Valerie Oliveiro (an interdisciplinary artist), and Sam Johnson (of SuperGroup) to interrupt, undermine, and even inject their own movement. Integral to the dance is the cutting-edge work of lighting designer Lenore Doxsee, and a sound score performed live by composer Sxip Shirey. No doubt inspired chaos will reign, and the decorous Goodale Theater will never be the same.