More Than a Single Story: Men of Color in 2017

Nov. 15
7 p.m.
Free; registration required
Literary, Speakers

This Wednesday, male writers of color will dig into the way they tell stories and how they deal with stereotypes and cultural representation. The talk will be moderated by the prolific David Mura, whose work includes novels, plays, memoir, and criticism. More Than a Single Story: Men of Color in 2017 is part of a series, taking place at venues across the Twin Cities, aimed at celebrating diverse voices and unpacking the complexities writers of marginalized backgrounds face. Featuring writers Anthony Ceballos, Keno Evol, Emmanuel Ortiz, Bao Phi, and Clarence White, the discussion will dig into topics like vulnerability, sexuality, fatherhood, relationships, racism, and how, as writers and artists, they create compelling work. Register to attend at