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Monroe Martin

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“I’m talking about being married because that’s all new to me,” says comedian Monroe Martin. “No one really did the marriage thing in my life. A lot of my friends got married, but growing up I lived with a lot of single parents and people who didn’t believe in marriage because it didn’t work out.” Martin grew up in Philadelphia, and spent most of his youth in foster care. For a while, he didn’t talk about that in his set. His new wife’s advice was to put it back in so he and his comedy could continue to grow. She wasn’t much of a standup fan before she met Monroe. “Her friends dragged her to a comedy club, and that’s where we met,” he adds. “She likes me a lot and it’s weird,” he says. As someone who isn’t in the business, she offers a unique perspective. “I know a lot of people who are in relationships and their significant other doesn’t care about what they do for a living, but she really cares. She really thinks I’m funny.” He doesn’t run jokes by her, but if he has an idea she’ll help him get to the funny. “She’ll say, ‘That makes sense, because of X, Y, and Z.’ She’ll help me connect the dots.”