Courtesy of Walker Art Center; photo by Gene Pittman.


Momentum: New Dance Works

Daily from July 13-15
8 p.m.
Daily from July 20-22
8 p.m.

This year’s Momentum performances showcase diversion, diversity, and dynamic innovation. Co-sponsored by Walker Art Center, the Southern Theater, and the Cowles Center, this biannual series commissions four edgy dance/theater artists to create new work. They share an evening, two artists each night over two weekends. This weekend Fire Drill, the team of Emily Gastineau and Bill Mullaney, collaborates with Los Angeles-based sound poet Tom Comitta on a musical set in a dystopian, post-climate disaster tech commune. The work deploys jingles and earworms to examine corporate culture’s appropriation of leftist aesthetics. Then BLAQ, a company of seven black women, presents Taneber/BLAQ Wall Street, a work combining dance, text, dialogue, and American Sign Language. Next weekend //CATHEDERAL\\ offers De’Light, a dance that deploys body and voice as weapons to examine the power of the strange and the sensuous. Darrius Strong of STRONGmovement follows with 6, an exploration of human evolution where characters work to find their other, complementary half.