Method of Destruction? More like Midway of Destruction. Thrash metal legends M.O.D. are set to destroy the heart of St. Paul's Midway at the intimately dirty Big V's tonight. There may be no better way to slough off the last vestiges of this brutal winter than by mixing sweat, spit, and booze with some hardcore punks. Also on the bill are locals In Defense—if you want to know what to expect from them, check out their video of a performance/hostile takeover at a Taco John's in Eau Claire. "Fierce" doesn't even begin to describe this lineup. Expect shredding guitars, shredded jeans, sleeveless jean-jackets, and enough metal studs to make an airport security person's head explode. With Daigoro and Kill Mosh Fuck Destroy.
Fri., March 14, 9 p.m., 2008


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