MNKINO #18: Guilty Pleasures

Some people like to complain about the dwindling attention spans of younger generations. Sure, ADHD may seem like a bad thing if you're a high school teacher, but if you're an attendee at tonight's screening, a short attention span puts you at a bit of an advantage. MNKINO is one of the few national branches of an international group of experimental filmmakers simply called KINO. Generally, the group (MN or otherwise) invites people—filmmakers, artists, musicians, mimes, etc.—to make and exhibit short films that are five minutes or less in duration. Each month, participants are given a theme as a starting point, and the creativity goes from there. For example, this installment's theme is "guilty pleasures," which sounds like it could get pretty juicy. Local founders Lindsey Borgerson and Andy Dalton have been hosting these short-film extravaganzas since July 2009, and in that time locals have created over 120 mini-movies. That's 600 minutes of raw Minnesota footage. In addition to complimentary popcorn and beverages, the laughs and good times will also be free. Musical guest One Dimensional Man will accompany tonight's screening, bringing along with him a musical montage of found footage. (Photo by ZapTheDingBat)
Wed., Feb. 23, 7:30 p.m., 2011

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