MN Toy Posse Image courtesy event organizers


MN Toy Posse Halloween Bash 3

Oct. 20
9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Expos, Family Events

What happens when you combine 70 toy sellers from all over the Midwest, hundreds of toy fans of all ages, and thousands of rare and unique toys and collectables? You get one giant posse. This weekend, the Minnesota Toy Posse will host its third-annual Halloween Bash toy swap. Posse founder Mark Seekamp started the group a little over three years ago on Facebook as a way to help connect people looking to buy, sell, or trade their favorite toys. He hadn’t planned on just how many people would want to join his gang. “We have more than 2,200 members, and it’s a really active group,” he says. And it’s not just about toys, either. “We’ve become friends and talk about our lives. People will post pictures when they have a baby, or we’ll just use it to meet up and go see a movie. It’s about creating relationships beyond just looking for toys.” For Seekamp, the best part of the day is how toys can bring people together. “The coolest part is being able to see someone who is going to be really excited about a toy that you have that you’re ready to part with.”