MJ Heubach: A Collection of New Work

Local graphic designer, painter, illustrator, photographer, and general artist extraordinaire MJ Heubach is like a cinematographer or director of photography in film biz: His work is seen and enjoyed everywhere, but his name is far from household. Heubach has designed for Dunn Bros. Coffee shops, the Bean Factory coffee shop in St. Paul (apparently he's popular among the highly caffeinated), the Tilsner Artist Co-Op, the St. Paul Port Authority, and several area art galleries. If you've been in the Twin Cities longer than a day, chances are you're familiar with his art. Heubach is now focusing on photo collages; his work shows places in the Twin Cities shot multiple times from the same location. By shooting areas with traffic, pedestrians, fading sunlight, and moving clouds, he highlights how fast things change in an urban setting. His show should be a good introduction for visual art fans to Nicademus, a new framer and art gallery in St. Paul owned by Nick Krings. 225 Snelling Ave. N., St. Paul; 612.207.8322. Through December 6
Nov. 15-Dec. 6, 2008

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