Mitch Fatel

Mitch Fatel is one of the most vulgar comedians of our time, yet he couldn't be more endearing onstage and off. His new DVD and Comedy Central Special, Mitch Fatel Is Magical, is drawing rave reviews. Onstage he talks about his encounters with women in his trademark slow talking style. The subject matter is blue though his words are almost clinical. He punctuates the dirty punchlines with that innocent, goofy smile. Folks who come out to see his show will hear new material as well as "the greatest hits," a balance he works hard to maintain. "I've learned that you don't have to give them an entirely new tour," he explains. "I think that I've leaned that there are a lot of classics people like to see. People still come to my show and get upset that I'm not doing my muffin joke. The muffin joke is 10 years old, but people want to hear it." He also believes in giving the audience its money's worth. "I never like to do less than an hour show," he says. "My feeling is, people are coming far to see me. I've had people tell me they've driven two or three hours to see me. I try to do at least an hour, so there's a bunch of new bits mixed with a bunch of classics and some crowd work."
Sat., Oct. 24, 7 p.m., 2009

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