Nov. 29
7 p.m.
Americana, Bluegrass, Folk, Singer-Songwriter

North Carolina bluegrass band Mipso refer to themselves as renegade traditionalists. The quartet lives up to the renegade tag by eschewing standard Appalachian covers for a pop array ranging from Bowie and the Beatles to George Michael, Michael Jackson, Drake, and Prince’s “Purple Rain.” The trad bit is evident in the core instrumentation, intricate vocal harmonies, and relatively straightforward arrangements, though there are sneaky textures and streaks of jazz, classical, and pop. The lyrical content of the all-original tunes on last year’s Old Time Reverie is another matter, as it features a contemporary sensibility even when addressing time-worn concerns like loss and alienation. Then there’s “Marianne,” about a 1960s interracial couple, and “Bad Penny,” surreally linking Abe Lincoln, greed, and a Broadway cab ride. The rebellious trio grew to a quartet with the pre-Reverie addition of fiddler/vocalist Libby Rodenbough. She adds a darker melodic tone to the already solid core of mandolinist Jacob Sharp, guitarist Joseph Terrell, and double bassist Wood Robinson. Kristin Andreassen opens.