Scott Pakudaitis 'Xena and Gabrielle Smash the Patriarchy' at the Fringe


Minnesota Fringe Festival 2019

Daily from Aug. 1-11
Time Varies
$14; $60 5-show pass; $100 10-show pass; $6 kids
Festivals, Theater

The Fringe’s umbrella is steadily expanding to cover programming throughout the year and related projects like the Family Fringe, a curated showcase that’s returning this year. The core Fringe experience is the same, though: an 11-day dive into a deep pool of hour-long shows randomly selected from a weird and wild array of submissions, including clowning, dance, pop-culture parodies, and avant-garde experiments. One thing that’s changing this year: The day-pass wristbands, a controversial innovation in recent years, are being dumped in favor of a return to a version of the former system in which audience members buy single tickets or multi-show passes, which are now also good for Family Fringe presentations. Independent producers are also being welcomed, encouraging Fringe-goers to venture beyond the two core venue hubs in northeast Minneapolis and Cedar-Riverside. Grease up your bike chain and get ready to make some tough choices! Plan your Fringe by checking out the schedule at