Photo by Alexander Yakovlev. Design by Emily Utne.


Minnesota Fringe Festival 2017

Daily from Aug. 3-13
Time Varies
Day passes are $16 weekdays, $22 Saturdays and Sundays ($5 kids); VIP passes are $200.
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It’s been a big year of change for the Minnesota Fringe Festival. For her first year as executive director, Dawn Bentley plans to stay the course. “Understanding how this machine operates is my main goal for this year,” she says. That means that the all-play ticketing system that debuted last year will return, so buying admission for one show means getting a wristband for the day. The festival will be reviving the VIP pass (formerly known as the “ultra pass”) option this year, for super fans who want in on the entire run. Another welcome return: This year the Jungle Theater will be a Fringe venue for the first time since 2010. Republic at Seven Corners will once again be Fringe Central, the official hangout for artists and patrons to quaff a brew and share the scoop on what’s hot and what’s not. With 168 different shows over 11 days, there’s a lot to take in—as Bentley knows well. “I’ve been a Fringe attendee for much of the last 23 years, so I’m very interested in learning the inner workings,” she says. “Next year we’ll be celebrating a quarter-century, which is no small feat for an arts organization that operates, literally, on the fringe.” Plan your Fringe by checking out the schedule at