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Minnesota Bat Festival

Aug. 19
9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Family Events, Festivals, Speakers

Besmirched by unfair allegations of unsavory characteristics, bats are actually key contributors to maintaining a balanced ecosystem, consuming up to their own body weight in insects every night (including mosquitoes, one of nature’s legitimate bloodsuckers). This is just one of the many facts promoted by the Organization for Bat Conservation. Based out of Pontiac, Michigan, the group is dedicated to dispelling misperceptions while raising awareness of how bat research is improving farming and medical advancements. The group also serves to illuminate the dangers presented to bat habitats, advocating for a humane approach to maintaining our respective spaces. The organization has been hosting daylong festivals across the country, including this one in Minnesota. Visitors to the family-friendly event can get to know bats with a wide range of exhibits, activities, and games. Perhaps the biggest draw of all is a sunset gathering to watch these nocturnal flyers take to the sky, casting a remarkable sight that could mesmerize even the most bat-phobic of visitors.