Minneatures by PLASTICGOD


The website for Plasticgod proclaims him to be "Your 21st Century Warhol." Whether that assertion is true remains to be seen, but regardless, the man behind Plasticgod does have (at least) a 15-minute presence in our disposable pop-culture world. He's best known for his "Heads" series, a mash-up of celebrities-as-Lego men rendered in cartoon form. The artist has Lego-ized over 700 celebrity and political icons, including KISS, Elvis, David Bowie, Gwen Stefani, Neil Diamond, and Madonna. "Miniatures" will include selections from the collection. Plasticgod's work has been featured on the walls of MTV's The Real World: Hollywood, and several ambassadors for Switzerland are collectors of his work. Also in the SooVAC through October is John Vogt's "Paper Tiger." Minnesotans may already be familiar with his work; he's designed coffee cups for Butter and Urban Bean, as well as CD art for rocker Rob Skoro. In his first solo exhibition, through drawings, mixed media, and sculpture, Vogt utilizes symbols representing greed, wealth, and excess to cast a critical eye on power structures and pop culture throughout the ages, from Babel to World War II to today's reality television boom.
Sept. 1-Oct. 26, 2008

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