Minimum Wage: 40 Paintings by Lizardman

How much is an hour of your time worth? According to the government, not very much. While life grows increasingly expensive, the minimum wage rests at a measly $6.55 an hour. With his one-night show, "Minimum Wage," artist Matt Wells (aka Lizardman) hopes attendees will explore the meaning of livable wage, the value of art, and the value of an hour of work. Wells will exhibit his paintings and invite guests to pay for pieces at the price they deem reasonable, as long as it is not below–you guessed it—the Federal Minimum Wage. Wells, a Minneapolis-based artist, has created work for comics, promo posters, CD covers, and children's books. His work ranges from whimsical bears drinking beer for Oktoberfest, to post-apocalyptic machines with baby-doll heads. Tonight's work will be more political, as it is a reaction to our current economic climate. Art will be sold on a first-come basis, with live music by the Spent .50s, the Vignettes, and Ghostface Cow.
Sat., Feb. 28, 6:30-10 p.m., 2009

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