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Mike Vecchione

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While comedian Mike Vecchione has performed for a variety of audiences overseas, he’s just returned from a unique set of shows in Israel put together by an organization called Comedy for Kody. “It’s named for a young boy who was murdered by terrorists,” Vecchione explains. The organization raises money for summer camps, as well as therapy for survivors of terrorist attacks. “They’ve been doing it twice a year for 10 years now, and I was fortunate enough to be asked to do this tour. It was life-changing.” Vecchione and the other comics performed at night, leaving them time to visit various religious and historical sites around the country during the day. Show organizer and fellow comic Avi Liberman was their guide. “I was building my Israel [set] while I was there,” Vecchione adds, “I was writing jokes for them every day.” He’s not sure he’ll be able to use any of those bits back home in the States. That’s not a huge worry, though, as Vecchione has plenty to talk about with American audiences. “I was in Aruba,” he says, “and so I talk about trying to get someone you don’t know to rub sunblock on you. It’s such an intimate thing, but then it’s not.”