Mike Vecchione


When we last spoke to comedian Mike Vecchione, he was in the process of trying to get more long-form stories into his act. "Some guys have a whole story, and then whittle it down," he says. "I take a joke, then add a joke, and then build it up. Some guys do that, and I'm one of those guys. It just seems like you always want what you can't have, so you work on your weakness. To me, that's my weakness: expanding on stories." You wouldn't know that from watching his set. Nowadays, Vecchione is looking for the relatable annoyances that bug us all, but he's approaching them from a new angle. Current events are a good inspiration, too. Many comics shy away from topics in the news, but Vechhione says you only have to dig down a little to find an issue that's lasting. "Just ask, 'What does it boil down to?' During the presidential debates [there was] China, immigration. These are issues that are going to go on for the next several administrations." Vecchione also feels that even though he's from the East Coast, Midwest audiences understand him — perhaps even better than those in New York, Philadelphia, or Boston. "They listen [in the Midwest]," he says. And where sometimes a comedian from one of the coasts might poke fun at the Midwest, Vecchione has jokes that compliment the region. "My friend called me from New York and said, 'I bet you're bored out there.' I told him, 'No, not all. And the parking is amazing!'" 18+; 21+ later shows.
Nov. 7-11, 8 p.m.; Nov. 9-10, 10:30 p.m., 2012

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