Photo by Sandrine Lee


Mike Stern Quartet

Daily from Sept. 12-13
7 p.m. and 9 p.m.
Blues, Jazz, Rock, Singer-Songwriter

In 2016 jazz guitarist Mike Stern tripped over some debris, breaking both arms and suffering nerve damage in his right, picking hand. Stern is apparently back to full strength, his speed and precision intact, although he now has to literally glue a pick to his fingers to compensate for persistent nerve issues. He pulls into town with a quartet featuring renowned trumpeter Randy Brecker, bassist Tom Kennedy, and drummer Dennis Chambers. Stern’s fiery, fleet-fingered electric guitar work draws from bop, blues, funk, and rock, and his new-this-week, all-star-laden album Trip is laced with sly references to his ordeal, starting with its title. The album includes barnburners like the funky fusion scorcher “Whatchacalit” and sizzling swinger “Scotch Tape and Glue,” a couple lyrical ballads, and “B Train,” a clever interpretation of Ellington/Strayhorn.