Mike MacRae


"A lot of times I'll just sort of discover by accident that I can imitate someone," says comedian/impressionist Mike MacRae. "I'll quote a movie line to someone, or repeat something someone says, and I'll sound like that person. Hey, I might have something there. That's how my Vince Vaughn impression came about." So adept is MacRae at his craft, he was recently added to the cast of the TBS original comedy series Frank TV. "Frank [Caliendo] added me and another guy so he doesn't have to be every person in a sketch," he laughs. It's not all imitations, though, as MacRae estimates that two-thirds of his show is straight standup. "The whole thing is observational," he explains. The impressions creep in when he happens to be talking about famous people. Lately that has included politics. "I'm not a political comic, but there's been so much to talk about with the result of the election." However, like most comedians, he's fickle about what his favorite joke is. "At any given point my favorite thing is whatever new joke that's working."
Dec. 9-13, 8 p.m.; Dec. 12-13, 10:30 p.m., 2008

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